The Evolution of Football (3): The Trending 3-4-3

The recently successful 3-4-3 formation is now adopted by a huge number of teams in European Football. Here we will take a look at the functions of different players in this formation and the reasons behind its success. The 3-4-3 adopted most successfully by Antonio Conte and Pep Guardiola along many other coaches in Europe … Continue reading The Evolution of Football (3): The Trending 3-4-3


CHAPECOENSE: What you didn’t know

The tragedy that happened about a week ago left the world of football in tears when the plane that carried an ambitious team, a team of potential champions, crashed in Colombia. Not many people around the world had heard of the name Chapecoense before. But everyone was united in honoring and remembering the victims that … Continue reading CHAPECOENSE: What you didn’t know