VAR Kills Football

The newly introduced Video Assistant Referee has received both positive and negative feedback from football players, managers and fans, but here are a few reasons why VAR actually kills the game everyone loves.

1. Tempo

All football fans love the tempo of the game, especially when it’s a fast competitive match between two sides when one team could be hitting the post and the other counter attacking to score a goal at the other end.

But what happens when a side attacks and they are tackled and lose the balls but before the other team counters, the referee stops the play to waste 2-3 minutes watching the replay and deciding whether or not he wants to award a penalty for the other team?

The presence of VAR ensures that referees do not make mistakes as they have done in the past, but what’s the point if it’s going to kill the tempo of matches where the fans have the opportunity to watch beautiful football.

2. Goal Celebrations

Imagine that you are watching a crucial match and your team scores a goal, but the referee is not sure whether to allow it or not so he cuts the celebration and now nobody knows if the goal is counted. Of course once again, the referee wastes 2-3 minutes of the match watching the replay and making a decision. Even if the goal is awarded, nobody would celebrate it the same way because the happiness and excitement of the goal was killed by stopping the play and analyzing the replay. The use of VAR will be frustrating for both players and fans.

In the end, the right decision will be taken but the joy of a goal which brought fans closer together and encouraged them to watch matches in groups therefore forming a Football Community, is being killed.

3. Referee Mistakes

Yes, the positive thing from the VAR and the reasons why it is introduced in football is because now the referees will make the right decisions especially when it matters most. Now, a goal scored with the hand will not be awarded and players will not dive as much as they did before and all that..

However, debates and controversies were always part of football and people talk for generations about some referee decisions arguing whether they were right or wrong. Some teams were clearly helped by some decisions and others treated unfairly but bad referees should be kicked out of the game and when too many decisions go in favor of one team a referee can be fined. Right now, it is the fans who will suffer from the VAR rule.

Every match in football has controversies and 50-50 decisions and they all affect the outcome of the game. So why does the referee watch only attacks where goals are involved and not every 50-50 decision he’s not sure which way to award it? Could this be the next step that would probably kill the world’s most popular sport?


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