EPL: Best in the World or Overrated?

The English Premier League is labeled by the majority of Football fans as the best in the world, with its main competitor being the Spanish LaLiga. However, does it really have the best teams?

The majority of Football fans around the world say that EPL is the best because it includes around 10 “Top Teams” vs. only 3 in LaLiga. In reality, teams are considered Top Teams in the eyes of the fans because they are famous and the fans recognize the clubs and the players.

The Barclays Premier League is the most watched league in the world with more than $3.6 billion generated from TV rights versus less than $1.8 billion for second most watched LaLiga in the 2015-2016 season.

This means that people know the top 10 teams in England and know their players because they are watching and following them every week. However, if you compare the level of football between the teams and their achievements in Europe, LaLiga teams dominate.

This is not only about the two best clubs in the world being Spanish although Real Madrid and Barcelona won the last 4 UEFA Champions League titles, and won 6 titles between them since 2009, with Chelsea the only English club to win it in this period.

English giants who once domianted in Europe fell back in recent years. Liverpool of 2017 is not the same as the team of 2005. Arsenal are so overrated that it surprises many fans that they have never won the Champions League. Last season, Leicester City was the only English team in the Quarter Final of the Champions League versus 3 Spanish teams, and they were knocked out by Atletico Madrid.

Moreover, if Spain has only 2 or 3 big clubs versus 10 in England, let’s take this battle to the Europa League were smaller clubs represent their countries in Europe. Since 2004, the Europa League, previously known as UEFA Cup, has been won 8 times by 3 different Spanish clubs, more than any other country. Only two English clubs won it once each, Chelsea and Manchester United, who in the eyes of the fans should be giant clubs competing in the Champions League final.

sevilla europa league 2015

Let us not forget that in addition to Real and Barca, teams like Atletico, Valencia, Sevilla, Villarreal, Deportivo and Malaga have made big impacts in the Champions League and Athletic Bilbao (Who beat Sir Alex’s Man United in both legs in 2012 Europa League), Espanyol, Osasuna and recently Celta Vigo in the Europa League.

It is clear that the EPL has a lot of competition and the level of the clubs is very close which makes it exciting to see who’s gonna win every year, but in terms of level of Football, LaLiga clubs are clearly performing better in Europe.


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