Tops and Flops of Euro 2016

At the end of this version of the European Championship, as the Portuguese triumph against the hosts in the final, we take a look back at the best and worst players of this tournament.



The Spanish captain was one of the victims of the flop of the whole team. He made some errors at the back that allowed the team to concede after setting a new record for minutes with no goals conceded at the Euros. Ramos couldn’t play the leadership role as well as he does in Madrid.


The forward took the starting spot as Belgium’s sole striker. With playmakers such as Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne, Lukaku should have done way better. He failed to score and wasted many chances and so he makes the list at number 9.


What the hosts were missing is a substitute striker to come in for Giroud. Gignac failed to step up whenever Giroud wasn’t doing well. Deschamps’ choice not to take one of world’s best strikers in Benzema was made in order to keep the chemistry between French players. However, this decision backfired as Gignac failed to do the required role.


Another Spanish player. Cesc was not creative enough in a team that relies mostly on midfielders. Iniesta was the best Spanish player and Silva had some creative moments, so Fabregas gets to be on this list.


Missed some glorious chances to score and wasn’t the great Ibra he usually is. Although his team doesn’t provide the chances he gets in club football, but Ibra should have done better in this tournament.


Booed by his own fans, Arda Turan had to make the list. The former Atletico winger and current Barca midfielder failed to impress in the group stages. His team was poor especially when facing Spain and he looked like he wasn’t even trying to lead his team to victory.


The substitute striker for Del Bosque. Always relied on when Spain needed a change in attack and he always failed to impress. It may not be his fault as he is good with headers and Spain were missing wingers who could provide the crosses for Aduriz. Mostly Del Bosque’s fault that Aduriz makes number 4 on the flop list.


The Spurs star failed to stay in the same form he was with Tottenham. He was a starter in Hudgson’s England team and his performances were a huge flop. He failed to impress, he tried to win games with individual efforts and failed in doing so.


Another Tottenham player on the list. Another English player as well. England’s no.9 and the Premier league’s top scorer with 25 goals. As the whole England squad flopped in France, Harry Kane shares the biggest blame with Dele Alli as English fans expected them to shine, but they disappointed.


He didn’t play with Guardiola’s Bayern in the Bundesliga, so the decision to play him in the Euro was strange from Joachim Low. As expected, Gotze failed to put his mark on any Germany game and was then pulled off of the starting 11. A season to forget for Gotze.



The Real Madrid midfielder was the man with most touches of the ball in the Euro. He also provided the assist for the winning goal in the first match and orchestrated the midfield although sometimes having to play a bit back than he prefers. His role alongside Khedira means he had to hold the midfield, the position he was saved from by Zidane and Casemiro at Madrid.


After the group stages, some people believed that Croatia had a chance to go all the way in the Euro. It is usually Modric and Rakitic who are leading the team, but the most impressive was Ivan Perisic. The Inter midfielder was the most impressive and surprising as he did a tremendous effort especially against Spain in the absence of Luka Modric. Impressive performances and a great tournament for him


The midfielder impressed in Portugal’s road to triumph. The team struggled in the group stages but Renato was more helpful in the knockout rounds. He scored at crucial times to help his team who barely survived their games. A step forward in his career.


The surprise of the tournament. Iceland’s hero Sigurdsson scored against England and helped keep the ball away from his net. He was mostly the man responsible for the exit of the three lions. The match against France does not stop this man from making the top.


This man did a wonderful job in Wales’ midfield. Running back to help the defense and providing the link between defense and attack. He covered a lot of ground and had some quality in his touches too. The team struggled and lost without him in the semis.


Italy’s biggest rock at the back. The leader of the back three was solid and strong in all challenges, both in the air and on the ground. A great performance before losing against Germany in the penalty shootouts, where no one is to blame.


The 29 year old West Ham winger was very impressive for France especially in the early games when the team was still frustrated and nervous. His productivity decreased in the knockout rounds and he was taken off more than once. Still good enough to make no.4 and wanted by Barcelona and Real Madrid after these performances.


The main man for Wales. Scored some brilliant goals and took some wonderful long range shots. Covered a lot of ground in all games, supporting the defense and leading his team’s counter attacks. A great tournament by the Madrid man after leading Wales to the semi finals, and did everything he can but couldn’t avoid but losing against the Champions.


The Portuguese star was brilliant in the tournament as a player and a leader in crucial times. He scored two goals against Hungary to ensure his team qualifies from the group stage, led the counter attack that resulted in the winning goal against Croatia in the 117th minute, scored a brilliant header in the semis and was the perfect captain after being injured in the final.


The top player at the tournament. Went back to support the midfield and was France’s biggest threat in attack. Top scorer of the tournament with 6 goals and unfortunate that his team lost in the final. A Fantastic season for the Atletico Madrid forward ended with amazing performances but disappointments in cup finals.


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